Information For Storage Media Data Solution

The professional electronic media storage has 6 independent fireproof components dedicated warehouse which is set on the 4th Floor with overall area of 390 Ping. It provides the whole package warehouse solutions, each compartment installed with inert gas automatic fire extinguishing equipment independently. It has centralized monitor fire alarm system and installed 2 sets of alternating constant temperature and dual-redundant use of humidity air conditioning and dehumidification equipment. Strictly control access, 24-hour digital surveillance video system, provides 6 months in monitoring video records for query services, with standard fire safety inspection for a qualified warehouse. The information media data is completely stored exclusively in the basement and constructed away from the warehouse wall for flood incidents, the internal of the storage area is fireproof that difficult to damage and theft.

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Transnational Removal Packing Services

International moving that across migration is one of the things is bothering, the whole move can be solved not for one or two days. It has been in the industry for more than 20 years in professional level and has received the international association quality certification recognized by FAIM.

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Document Storage Management

The warehousing cost is fair and reasonable, no charge only for files out in the bin file. Making different names / labels, monthly is the basic unit of charges, not in according on the number of days for the actual storage. Number of charges and access to the bin file is not in the warehouse management but rest assured that warehousing fee to the customers are reasonable.

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Art Exhibition Experience

Safety and efficiency are taken into account, the professional teams secured that no damaged may incurred during international transport. Providing the safest and most efficient services, the company has a professional training for art shipping, special packaging and secure delivery. You can get the best collections of services.

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Safe Home

Assigned abroad by companies or to be assigned to Taiwan for long relocation, please do not worry about food, clothing, housing, medical and children education, the relocation services will help you with your assignments where it is no longer a problem. Relies on the professional expertise will give you the peace of mind.

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Precision Instrument Packaging

Professional vacuum packaging, precision instruments for safe and accident, there are many details / data to deal with precision packaging, unlike most machines, not to mention the need of protection for long migrations, has the international wealth of experience for special packaging. Can help you solve the unnecessary problem that meet your needs.

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Heated Treatment

Definition of wood packaging:

Wood packaging means for treating, packing, bedding, supports, reinforcing wood materials for goods, wooden crates, wooden pallet, wooden frame, wooden barrels, wooden shaft, wooden wedges, wood sleepers, wooden lining. These packaging materials are mostly imported.,

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Natural Fertilizer

Agricultural biotechnology for increasing food production, protection of the natural environment, cherish the Earth’s resources, improving farmers ‘ welfare and aspects of far-reaching quality of life.
Agricultural biotechnology cannot exist independently and must be closely integrated with the traditional agricultural system as a whole.

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